lunes, 2 de abril de 2012


After surviving a scorching week of 45ºC heat, we knew we had to make a pit stop and preferably somewhere with a beach. After researching the possibilities in the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, we decided to check out the beaches south of Antalya. Olympus was the first stop and considering we're from a country surrounded by an amazing variety of beaches, you can say we had high

expectations. But as soon as we arrived, we were stunned by our surroundings. Hidden away from Antalya on a 2 - 3 hour ride on "dolmush", we found ourselves in the middle of a huge rocky valley with Lycian ruins scattered all along the way to the beach. The low part of the valley is covered in a thick pine forest giving loads of shade to the guesthouses situated in the area. The best part are the beaches, they're all large sand & pebble bays  and warm water (just like in South East Asia) and because it was Ramadan there were only a few extremely friendly locals on the beach.This all gave way to an extremely relaxed three days and three nights of beach life, diving with sea turtles and historical walks.

Although everything did seem perfect, there was one problem we had to resolve with creativity. That was, the sun. Now everyone thinks its great to be on sunny beach and it is. The point being is that after laying everyday under the scorching sun and running low on sun cream, we had to figure out a way to get out of the sun without renouncing to our quality beach time. This is how we created the "OTS Backpacker Sunshade", a quick and easy way to not getting burnt in any remote beach. Thanks to this experience, we've created a free construction manual that we are willing to share, so now anyone can avoid sunburn without leaving that picturesque, remote, tropical beach. All you need is 2 towels or 2 beach wraps and 2 bits of rope (shoelaces will do fine) the rest, mother nature will provide for you!
All we ask of our sunshade user is that if you do use it, please send us the pictures so we can share the experience. :D

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